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We Regret to Inform You Letter by Rosemarie Konrath

Dear Valued Employee,

As you know, our company’s top priority is our highly profitable financial position. Due to recent economic disruptions, we’ve had to make difficult decisions. We regret to inform you that your position will be eliminated in sixty days.

Effective immediately, you are required to discontinue client contact and all project work. No matter how important your work was yesterday, today it’s irrelevant. We hope this reality provides the perspective to better set your future priorities.

You will be assigned an internal recruiter, though as a 55+ employee, your job prospects internally are slim to non-existent. We recommend that you seek outside opportunities. As you’ve likely surmised, we’re looking to hire innovative and technology savvy young people to best position our company for the future. We hope you understand.

You probably thought you would finish your career with us, and you believed you could set your retirement timeline. In truth we are in charge.

At the end of the sixty days, you will be paid for any unused vacation time with your final check. Unfortunately, we cannot pay you for the countless vacation days you were unable to use or for the holidays that you’ve worked over the years in order to get the job done.

We appreciate your twenty-six years of service. We hope you enjoy the upcoming holiday season (if you can). Best wishes for your next chapter.


Your Esteemed (former) Employer

From Mini-Essays and Short Stories class with Jane Seitel

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