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They Call Me Pooh-Bah by BT Bard

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Man, for a smart guy I should’ve seen it coming. Five packs a day! I’m really paying for it now. Breathe, still, brace, whistle. Stiff in my leather chair, cradled. It holds me perfectly, just like my big old desk chair used to. I doze off in this more nowadays. Seems my hair medicine and after shave have seeped in. I like the fragrance of the laundry soap my Honey uses. It makes my flannel shirts so soft. My granddaughters like to rub their little cheeks against my sleeve. This worn-in red one’s my favorite. I like these new corduroy slippers. Much better than my old ones. I’m happy to be outta my lace-up leathers. That’s one benefit of retirement.

Jeez, just lost some pocket change in the cushion. Well, Guppy and Gippy’ll have a ball fishing it out. Maybe they’ll use it for gumballs. Their bouncy ponytails make me smile. Gippy has that quick wit, just like my sister. Guppy’s always ready to perform a new acrobatic feat. I hope they visit this weekend.

Oh, good, Anna’s rustling around in the kitchen. She’s probably making us lunch. My Sweetheart. She’s my forever, thanks be to God. Honey, please bring me a Miller with my turkey on rye. Wow! Did you hear that? Woo-hoo! What a crack! Mickey Rivers just hit a double! Now, the Yanks are up by two! C’mere, Tippy. Bring your squeaker. Bring it here, Girl. I can’t bend that low anymore. Damn, it stifles me. Breathe, still, brace, whistle.

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