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Est. 1992

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est. 1992

Writers in the Mountains (WIM) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the literary arts in the Catskill Mountains (Upstate New York) and beyond. The organization serves a diverse community of writers and readers, from native-born residents to the summer visitors who migrate to the region from all over the world. In addition to offering a variety of creative writing workshops, WIM hosts numerous literary events and partners with other organizations in the community for the enjoyment of the written word.  

2020 Literary Festival
POSTPONED - new dates to be announced soon

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Writers in the Mountains (WIM) is a (501) (c) (3) non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a nurturing environment for the practice, appreciation and sharing of creative writing.


Founded in 1992 by Shelley A. Barre, the organization serves the entire Catskill region and Hudson Valley area, and offers a variety of creative writing workshops and other events year-round. The quality of our workshops and their affordability attract a wide range of participants from native-born residents to the summer visitors who migrate to the Catskills from all over the world. Our writers come from all backgrounds and levels of experience, and write in various genres and styles. Some are New York Times bestselling authors, and others have never written before.

In 2014 WIM ventured into yet another arena: it launched an annual literary festival for authors and publishers in the Catskills and Hudson Valley area called Writers Unbound (formerly known as “Meet the Authors”). The festival takes place every year in April at Union Grove Distillery in Arkville, New York, and features poetry readings, a publishing panel, an illustrators’ moment, a segment dedicated to fiction writing, and a new release. The keynote speaker in 2020 is Beth Lisick. She is a writer, actor, and the author of five books, including the New York Times bestseller Everybody Into the Pool. Her work has been published in various magazines and journals, including Best American Poetry. She co-founded San Francisco’s Porchlight storytelling series, traveled the country with the Sister Spit performance tours, and received a Creative Work Fund grant for a chapbook series with Creativity Explored, a San Francisco studio for artists with developmental disabilities. Beth has appeared in films that have screened at Cannes, Sundance, and the San Francisco International Film Festival. Her first novel Edie on the Green Screen was just published by 7.13 Books. She is a resident of Brooklyn and West Hurley. Her website is bethlisick.com.



Kaatscast is produced by Silver Hollow Audio and promotes the culture of the Catskills  

Hear more in this WIM episode from Kaatscast,

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What People Are Saying

Creative Nonfiction Workshop with Anique Taylor

“I’m excited to take this course. Anique provides interesting reading assignments, meditations, writing exercises, and examples that can be applied to your work in progress. The class also offers an opportunity to share your writings and gain valuable feedback from Anique and fellow classmates. It’s a warm and supportive environment. I highly recommend this course.”


- Heather Marsten, Woodstock


Melisse Seleck, Phoenicia

Take A Class

Our workshops are geared toward all styles, genres, and experience. All that is required is a love of language and the desire to tell a story. Those who take our workshops are assured a supportive environment, providing a better understanding of the pleasure of creative writing process. All of us are capable of intellectual and imaginative things, and WIM offers a variety of programs to help you to express your creativity.


In addition to creative writing workshops, WIM hosts the popular Writers Unbound Annual Literary Festival, and the informal Random Context Quarterly Literary Salon, which offers writers in every genre the opportunity to read their work to a welcoming audience in a cozy setting, and network with fellow publishing professionals.


HISTORICAL FICTION with Sheila Myers  

July 13 -

August 24, 2022

(skipping August 17)


(six sessions)
6  - 8 pm EST


Do you have some old diaries sitting in the attic longing to be made into a novel? Or maybe you have read about a person or event from the past that you thought would make a good story. You never know what will spark the imagination and become a historical novel. In this workshop we will unleash the stories that are waiting to be told, by you, the author. We will discuss the methods of historical research, where to find inspiration, and how to hone the facts into relatable fiction. Bring your ideas, your outlines, and plan on starting the process of un-raveling the past to bring it to a present-day audience. By the end you should have a decent idea of what your novel would be about and the beginning stages of a novel.

Class limited to ten students.

Class Fee: $125 | REGISTER HERE

with Anique Sara Taylor


September 6 -

December 27, 2022


September 6, 13, 20, 27

October 11, 18, 25

November 8, 15, 22 

December 6, 13, 20, 27 


(14 sessions)
6  - 8 pm EST



So now you’ve done the work. Your poem, essay, story, flash, micro fiction or whole book is finished and ready. You want it to have a life outside of youself in the world. What now? Get ready for a new and separate practice. Publishing! This class will help furnish information to support you in researching the best venues for your work. We’ll cover preparation, presentation, bios, goals, strategy, possibility. We’ll discuss new opportunities in web presence, readings, author presentation, community. Who you most want to be in your inner and outer life as a writer. We’ll use exercises to explore blocks, how to turn them in the direction of inspirational fuel. What holds you back, what propels you, how you can navigate publishing. In planning personal strategies, how to deal with issues, you’ll be developing wider pathways to your particular version of success. In an atmosphere of creative group support, we’ll enter the next phase of the Writer’s Life towards what you want in your work, your career, your life. Expect homework, individual research directed toward your own goals. All levels are welcome. Let the fun begin! 

Class Fee: $220 | REGISTER HERE


September 13 -

October 18, 2022 


(six sessions)
10 am  - 12 noon EST


In this continuation of Micro Memoir (short creative nonfiction in 200 words or less) we'll focus on this tight form of writing, looking at either its placement in a longer piece (mosaic essay), as an interlude worked into longform writing, or on its own -- highlighting publishing outlets that welcome it. This class is intended for those who've already taken Micro Memoir with Linda, either at Writers in the Mountains or another workshop elsewhere.

Class Fee: $125 | REGISTER HERE

with Jane Seitel

October 7 -

November 11, 2022


(six sessions)

12 - 2 pm EST


Mini, micro, flash, personal essays and short shorts may be small, but they’re mighty! Whether you choose to write fiction or nonfiction, the way you express yourself can be crafted into a literary jewel you can pass down to preserve family history, or hone for publication. In class we’ll consider possible enhancements to your pieces, how to make the words sparkle. We’ll read and discuss stellar examples which show the craft. We’ll work on mini warm-up exercises in class that you can use to start your piece at home. We’ll share our new efforts in a nurturing place. We’ll offer appreciations and insights. We’ll suggest possibilities to enhance your essays and stories. By the end of our time together, you’ll have polished work that will delight you.​

Class limited to ten students. 

Class Fee: $125 | REGISTER HERE

MODERN LOVE FALL with Elizabeth Koster 

October 13 -

November 17, 2022 



(six sessions)
11 am - 1 pm EST



In this class, you will have the opportunity to complete an essay that you can submit for consideration in the New York Times Modern Love column. Through prompts and exercises, supportive feedback, a study of published essays, and discussions on tips and pitfalls, you will be able to sculpt and hone the story that you need to tell and the world needs to read.

Class limited to ten students. 

Class Fee: $125 | REGISTER HERE

Upcoming In Person Classes

Dates and Location TBA




In this class participants will discuss how the screenplay has unique rules that make it radically different from the other forms of literature. Perhaps a screenplay isn't really literature after all. It might be beautifully written, even brilliant, still, it's merely a blueprint for the movie to come. Many writers see the movie and do not recognize a single scene they had written and written over and over and over into infinity. Topics to be covered: the mechanics of a screenplay; word is subordinate to the image; think visually but choose your words cautiously and economically; proper form (there is one: Final Draft); plot; dialogue; camera angles: close-up, over the shoulder two shot, long shot, difference between a fade and a dissolve, how to set up a specific, actual shot that doesn’t look like a shot but really is; unusual but easily recognizable characters; most of all, story, story, story. The backbone, the spine. Story. The beginning and the end.




Never written before? Want to write but haven’t yet been able to put words to paper and reach your creative core?  Are you already a writer but need to further access your authentic voice and develop your style?


Poet Sharon Israel will conduct a generative workshop for poets and writers to help participants dive deep through exciting visual, musical and tactile prompts as well as compelling written prompts and exercises. Be in the moment, find the space between thought and feeling, access what may be just below the surface. Your voice will reveal itself and your craft will grow in an environment where you can nourish what you unleash. Receive and give positive commentary on newly created work. Once you revise, bring your work in for further review and discussion, again in a safe and supportive environment. This workshop will make you want to write more and more, not less and less.




In three information-packed hours, Leslie will effectively detail what it takes to write a winning nonfiction book proposal, illustrated with several handouts. In the second half of the seminar, she will invite writers to present their projects for evaluation and input in order to best shape their own top-notch “winning” proposal.

In addition to its diversity of forms, nonfiction also offers writers (which literary fiction usually does not) the possibility of having an incomplete manuscript accepted by an agent or editor— accompanied by a strong proposal. The proposal—including elements such as an Overview of the book, Annotated Table of Contents, Author’s Platform and Market Analysis—is usually submitted with two or three chapters of text and is, first and foremost, a writing sample as well as a sales tool. What agents/editors look for in a proposal is strong writing with a clear and cogent presentation of the book’s subject and/or narrative arc, depending on the form, and a persuasive rationale for why the book should be published, and why the author is the best possible person to write it.

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