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Dear Dave by Amy Schneiderbeck

Dear Dave,

Thanks so much for our time together! I’ll really miss all of those nights snuggled on the couch watching Netflix. The way that you leaned away from me and made no effort to clasp my hand when I reached to hold yours. I loved that. It was especially sweet when you'd ask me What’s that smell? Then you would lean in to smell my breath. That was special. Remember how you nurtured a deeper friendship with our mutual acquaintance Gabby? Our families would get together for impromptu dinners and the kids would play and afterwards you’d text her. You were so helpful. Offering her car and real estate advice and knowledge. How you didn’t even notice how beautiful she was when I expressed concern over your budding friendship. How you asked Don’t you trust me? Then you agreed to stop texting her, waited a few weeks and started texting her again, then stopped, then started again, stopped, started. Clearly my insecurity was a problem and I’m sorry for that. Remember those nights that you slept in the guest room while I was sick or if the kids were waking us up too much. It really was so much easier getting up all night without having to worry about waking you. Thanks for thinking of me. Do you recall how bad I was with money? How I’d spend so much on groceries to host all of the dinner parties and barbeques that you required. I really was such a burden and you're such a great guy for tolerating me for so long. I’m better having known you.

Gratefully yours,


From Mini-Essays and Short Stories class with Jane Seitel

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