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Dust Bunnies by Sharon Suess

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Illustrated by Sharon Suess

The text in “italic” is written by someone else (anonymous). I decided to go beyond the two pieces and write a little story.

“After years of wanting to thoroughly clean my house but lacking the time, this week I discovered that wasn’t the reason”. So I’ve decided to make peace with the situation. “I’ve made friends with my dust bunnies and named them. Now they follow me around”. When the sun comes pouring through the windows those little guys party big time, floating through the air stream like long distance swimmers, graceful and easy. My mind drifts to peaceful summer days as I watch.

I found a whole group under my desk the other day. You’re familiar with that place – where all the cords and surge protectors are – a tangle of snakes huddled in a cave. Those little devil dust bunnies had discovered they could nest among the tangle without struggling to stay together. They are happy there, content to watch my ankles as I work at the computer. I bend to put on my shoe and discover one sitting inside it, quietly observing me. I’m glad I saw it, poor thing, or I could have crushed it. It would have stuck to the bottom of my sock, and when I took my shoe off, put my feet up on the footstool, the other dust bunnies would have seen their little one crushed. By me! I certainly didn’t want that. I gently remove the little dust bunny, lift him to my lips, take a deep breath to blow him away – except - when I inhale I suck him into my lungs and now I’m coughing like crazy.

The gust from my cough is disturbing the other dust bunnies and they are swirling around me now like a blizzard. I am still coughing. Finally I cough out the little guy and he gently floats to the ground. I stare in amazement. He’s OK. How about that! Today he is my constant companion. The lint on my black leggings that’s hard to get rid of. But it’s OK. I’ve become quite attached to him.

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